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  • How are lessons scheduled?
    Lessons will be scheduled either weekly or semi-monthly, for either a 30-, 40- or 60-minute lesson. This time is reserved for you/your student. If you are unable to attend the scheduled lesson time, you may check to see if another student’s lesson time is available. In the absence of other cancellations, there may not always be time to reschedule a lesson. Lessons can be traded with other students, and if 24-hour advance notice is given the lesson may be rescheduled for important and unavoidable conflicts. Another option is Skype lessons! Lessons for illness (of the student) will always be rescheduled (limit of 1 per semester). If you ask to reschedule a lesson and agree to a make-up day and time, then miss that lesson, no other make-up times will be given.
  • How should I drop off and pick up my child for his/her lesson?
    Please be prompt in bringing and in picking up your student. Do not drive away until your student is inside the house.
  • Do I need to buy an instrument?
    Students must have daily access to an instrument to practice. For piano lessons, students may use a keyboard (with full-sized keys) or a piano. Guitar or bass guitar students need access to a guitar or bass guitar. Drum students may use a drum kit or practice pad setup. Full-sized weighted or touch-sensitive keys.
  • How often does a student need to practice?
    Students need to practice on a daily basis for a few minutes, as beginners, with the time necessarily increasing as the repertoire becomes more advanced. As a general rule, beginners need to play through each assigned exercise or piece three or four times, as assigned, per day. This will of course take more time in the first few days following their lesson. As the next lesson approaches, the student will have learned the material, and will play through them in less time.
  • Do I need to buy any books?
    Your instructor will tell you which book he/she recommends for your student and you can order these online from Students are encouraged to request extra or supplemental books of their choosing from various styles (jazz, gospel, rock, pop, etc.) and we will use books you purchase if they are at an appropriate level for the student. Students should bring all current music to each lesson, along with a notebook for assignments and a folder for copies and AIM materials (if participating).
  • Will the students be able to perform?
    Students will have several opportunities to play for others in a recital-like setting, or at a retirement community or other venue in the area.
  • Are there other options to learn music other than private lessons?
    Summer group lessons will be offered as an alternative to private lessons. Most students find these very enjoyable! When feasible, students will be invited to participate in group lessons, or master classes with others of similar age and ability. In these settings, students will play for each other, learn to play duets and ensemble pieces with others, and work in small groups to compose their own music, among other things. Students will have access to computer software for extra reinforcement. Summer session begins in early June and concludes in August when school resumes. Students have the choice of continuing weekly lessons (with greater flexibility in scheduling) OR scheduling 5 lessons during the Summer session. Either option allows the student to keep his/her lesson time when the Fall session begins, and reduces the likelihood that the student will forget much over the summer and have to spend several weeks reviewing in the Fall.
  • How are payments handled?
    In order to ensure that you and your child get the most effective and creative teaching possible, I have established the following tuition policy. Tuition is due by the start of each semester. Payment may be made in cash or check, or by using Zelle to Payment is due for all your regularly scheduled weekly time slots even if you are not able to attend. Please understand that your time is reserved for YOU and while I we may be able to reschedule if your student is absent due to illness, make-up lessons are not guaranteed.
  • Is there a fee for a late payment?
    $25 for semester tuition not paid in full by the 8th lesson of the semester. There will be a $25 charge for NSF checks. ​
  • What should I do when I have a vacation planned?
    For extended absences, half tuition is required in order to hold your time slot while you are on vacation or taking a break from lessons (if more than 2 lessons, during the school year). Please let your teacher know in advance. For Summer Session, if you attend at least 5 lessons during the summer months you are not required to pay half tuition for weeks you are absent, and this guarantees you can keep your scheduled lesson time in the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

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