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Brenda has been a great teacher for both of my children for the past few years!  Brenda does a great job of creatively teaching kids a variety of musical skills beyond just playing the piano including rhythm, improvisation, sight reading, playing by ear, etc.  She has a great reward system for the kids that motivates them to complete weekly challenges.  Brenda also coordinates multiple performance opportunities for the kids to help them practice memorization, performance etiquette and general confidence building.  She balances being playful and friendly with the kids while also holding them to high standards and really helping them to develop their musical skills.  She is communicative with me a parent and provides regular feedback on how the kids are progressing.  We are pleased to continue working with Brenda and would highly recommend her studio!

     -Katie L

"Ms. Brenda is a knowledgeable, energetic and fun teacher who imparts good techniques and at the same time instills a lifelong appreciation of music. She is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in her communication style. She has the ability to make one feel comfortable in their ability and is always challenging them to be better. I am glad that we crossed paths and she was able to teach my 2 kids (11 and 7 years old). I would highly recommend Brenda. She is a real gem."


"Brenda is an excellent and professional Piano teacher which makes a difference in learning Piano. We moved to Schaumburg and were worried about our daughter Diya's piano lessons as she was doing for a good no years at old place. But fortunately we came across Brenda and now its a piece of mind. We can now a professional touch to her skills. Way to go Diya and Brenda!!!"

-Baba P.

"My son took piano lessons with another good teacher for about 6 months before he started with Brenda. He doesn’t do well with change, so when I suggested trying a different piano teacher he was not too happy. But he did, and I still remember his face light up when he said, “mom, I like Ms B. Can I take lessons with her instead? Brenda is a knowledgeable piano teacher, but she is also very patient and relatable with kids. She has high expectations for her students and will praise and honor them for their accomplishments. My son truly enjoys and loves playing the piano and now attempts to compose his own pieces. Being able to play the piano is one thing, but to pass on this knowledge to someone else is even better. Brenda is a GREAT teacher and I would highly recommend her."

     -Kalpa P.

"Brenda was my instructor for a couple of months and I learned a lot! She filled my brain with so much knowledge about music that I never thought existed. I appreciate music more because of her. She is very fun and enthusiastic yet very professional. I definitely recommend her!"

-Martyna Z.

"Brenda Buchanan is an excellent piano instructor! My son took piano lessons from Brenda from the age of 7 to about 16, when she moved out of our area. Besides being talented, knowledgeable and experienced, Brenda relates well to children and teenagers and makes her lessons enjoyable. She is very patient and understanding of kids with different personalities, whether they are fidgety, talkative, or shy. She is able to keep their attention without being stern and encourages them to practice without nagging. She is genuinely excited for them as they progress and learn new skills. My son thought Brenda was a lot of fun to be with and always came away from his lessons feeling happy, even if he hadn’t been having a good day up to that point. In addition, although Brenda doesn’t have unrealistic expectations for her students, she does have high standards and provides them with a very well-rounded piano curriculum and opportunities to test their knowledge and perform. My son received an excellent foundation in music theory that has helped him with both piano and other instruments. He will be starting college this year as a piano major thanks in large part to the skills, work ethic and love of music that he gained from Brenda."

-Patty B.

"Brenda Buchanan is an excellent piano teacher and a very nice person. I began taking lessons from her around the age of seven, and I continued to take lessons with her for about eight or nine years. Her methods make taking lessons fun, and she really helps her students to learn a lot in a fun way. Aside from learning to read music and play piano literature, Brenda encourages her students to learn many important music skills. Some things students learn include music theory, aural skills, sight-reading, memorization, and more. I believe not only does she make learning fun, but very worthwhile. Theses skills are essential to becoming a quality musician. I believe she is a very great teacher and taking lessons from her is a great choice. Brenda teaches in a way that works well with children, and she can connect easily with students of varying ages and abilities. She encourages her students to practice, do their best, and achieve their potential."                                                                                                 -Vance B

Our daughter has been learning music from Ms. Brenda Buchanan for 6 years now, and our younger one will soon be a student in her studio! Ms. Brenda is a teacher with great commitment to teach over and beyond the normal lesson plans and pushes students to perform at their very best. Ms. Brenda not only teaches students important music lessons, but through her numerous years of rich experience she makes sure to organically impart critical life skills that we are sure will stick with the children as they progress through their life's path of learning and growing.
It is not always the easy path to fruits of your success is her message for her students, where dedication, hard work and practicing the music pieces help you to attain that extra height of achievement. Over the years Ms. Brenda has developed thoughtful lesson plans that appeals to various age groups of students. Learning piano has many facets to it, and if you are willing to invest the time and effort, Ms. Brenda will surely extend the extra mile for your child/children.
Thank you Ms. Brenda for all you do, every day, every lesson.                                                 -Ghosh family

"Ms. Buchanan is a wonderful, fostering and professional music teacher who listens, values, helps, supports and monitors growth of each student. Ms. Buchanan commitment for each student success (which includes my daughter) is expressed thru her enthusiastic support and passionate focus on students’ educational needs and progress. When we have to switch my daughter previous music teacher (teacher retired) to Ms. Buchanan, we were not sure what future will bring. My daughter have already started to show decreasing interest in playing piano. After couple of lessons Ms. Buchanan has suggested that we should change my daughter current-previous curriculum (I really wasn’t sure if that will work and by the way what about all the work she did for the last year with previous teacher?????). At first I was afraid that this action will really turn my daughter away from piano for good. Surprisingly, after changing the curriculum my daughter not only rediscovered enjoyment and pleasure playing piano; creating her own special music “pieces” but also wanted to practices every night (not even being asked). Ms .Buchannan suggestion demonstrated us creativity in teaching strategies as well as nurturing and encouragement of student growth with appropriate course design and structure for each student independently. Ms. Buchanan seeks and promotes understanding of, and respect for, people of diverse backgrounds thru group musical lesson ( those are optional group lessons , usually once or twice a month) where kids not only get to know each other but also learn music thru different custom/holiday theme. We love Brenda Buchannan!!!!!"

-Agnes P.